Photos - Australia 2013

Bush sunset in Western Australia

Squeaky Beach. Wilson's Promontory, Victoria

View of Melbourne from Williamstown Harbour, Victoria

Surfing beach near Sorrento, Victoria

Photos - St Kilda - 2012

The village, St Kilda, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Storage cleits above the village, St Kilda

Farewell to St Kilda

Visit to Faeroes, St Kilda, Orkney, circumnavigated Fair Isle and Shetland

A sea cave off cliffs south of Torshaven
Sailing round Hestur Island in the Faeroes. Ahead is the uninhabited island of Koltur.
View of Torshaven seen from a whizz round the harbour in the zodiac
Cod hanging to air dry on Hestur Island. An unusual sight in the Faeroes these days

'Calum Mor's House' on Hirta, the main island of the St Kilda archipelago. This is thought to be a prehistoric structure, perhaps a burial cairn. Whatever it is, it is constructed differently from the storage cleits (see 2012 image) and it is interesting that the sheep never use it for shelter.


On this visit, the archipelago was shrouded in mist which got progressively thicker. Such a contrast to the sunny weather of our last visit.

The main burn on St Kilda with a small clump of primroses. We also found heath-spotted orchids which could only grow to about 5 cm. because of the harsh environment.

Primula scotica - one of the rarest British flowers (3 cm.) somewhere in Orkney.

Evening light off Fair Isle

A winter view of Etal Castle at dusk.

Another day, another sunset.

The snowdrop wood, Etal